New Book on Abruzzo, Italy reveals the immense Local Heritage

Counting Castles in Abruzzo is ready to introduce the public to the Sothern Italian region of Italy, one of the greenest, yet still little known international tourist destinations. It comes from a collaboration between the US company Native Grapes LLC, based in New Jersey, represented by Hugh L. Preece, Ambassador of Italian Wines, expert oenologist, and an international wine judge and Design Your Italy, a tourism consultancy and travel firm based in Milan, specializing in tailor-made itineraries and committed to the enhancement and promotion of

lesser-known locations. With excellent writing skills, Hugh L. Preece managed to grasp every detail of the concept map
created by Destination Specialist Vanya Mavrodieva and recount this wonderful land. A book, not a guide that promotes and enhance the plethora of Abruzzo treasures, narrating the millenary history, its places and traditions consolidated over time, local food, and wines. All explored and revealed for each of the four provinces through a dedicated chapter.
Take one glimpse inside Counting Castles in Abruzzo and go from transhumance to the Presentosa, a symbol of love, from castles overlooking the vast plateaus to sacred hermitages set in the rocks and the typical trabocchi, the sea giants of Abruzzo. But also, natural and war events abound, those that have damaged the local artistic and architectural heritage. It is an astonishing journey to a homeland of saints and warriors. A land of resilient and generous people who, despite everything, have always managed to rebuild without ever losing their authenticity. An authenticity that continues to rise more and more interest among international travelers because of the region’s diversity and the excellent opportunity for slow tourism.

The book is already on sale in English, both in electronic and printed format. It can be
purchased online and in several museums in Abruzzo

Via Cardinal Ferrarri 5
Sesto San Giovanni (Milan)

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