Will Smith Is Bringing At Least One Project To Netflix After The Streamer Scrapped At Least One Project Following Chris Rock Slap

Will Smith’s film projects with Netflix are on hold, but he will appear on the streaming service soon.

Will Smith has been dealing with significant career fallout following his now-infamous slap to Chris Rock on the Oscars stage. While some of what’s happened in Smith’s career appears to be the normal fluctuations of development hell, other projects have reportedly been put on hold specifically because of the incident. Smith had two Netflix projects in the works that are no longer in the works, but he will be appearing on the streaming service soon as a guest on David Letterman’s show.

According to THR, Will Smith will appear on the next season of David Letterman’s interview show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman, which is set to premiere on Netflix on May 20. However, if you were hoping to hear Smith speak in depth about his Academy Awards experience, you’ll be disappointed because the interview was taped prior to this year’s Oscars.

For the time being, this may be the only place to find Will Smith on Netflix. The actor had two film projects in the works with the streaming service, but they are no longer in the works. One film, Fast & Loose, is said to be receiving less attention from Netflix at the moment. The decision to halt production appears to be related to the slap incident. It’s possible that the film will be made again in the future, but its ultimate fate is unknown.

Bright 2, a second Netflix film, has a much more predictable ending. The film has died. According to reports, Netflix has canceled the film and will not proceed with it. According to reports, the decision to cancel Bright 2 was made independently of the slap incident. It’s surprising given that the first Bright was Netflix’s biggest hit to date when it was released, but the film was clearly struggling prior to now. Since 2019, Bright 2 has been in a holding pattern.

Bad Boys 4 is a third Will Smith project that is currently on hold. With the third installment in the franchise, Bad Boys for Life, being the biggest film of 2020, it was expected that the previously announced fourth installment would follow soon after, but the fate of this one is also unknown.

It will be an interesting time capsule to see an in-depth interview with Will Smith that does not address this situation. At some point, the Oscar winner for King Richard will most likely sit down for a lengthy interview with someone to discuss what happened and the consequences, but when we’ll see that, or even another film from him, is unknown.